Isonode-Sml (set of 4)

 Part No.  Isonode-sml
 Description  Isonode-Sml (set of 4)
 Brand  IsoNode
 RRP  $45 (set of 4)
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 Product Notes These Isolation feet can be used under a wide variety of audio equipment for a dramatic improvement in sound. Use under CD player to reduce hash and grain.
The small version is 19mm diameter by 10mm tall and can be used for supporting items up to 12Kg or where clearance is limited.
Rated Best Accessory of the Year by Stereophile and highly praised by dozens of other respected journals & audiophiles. Given the following awards:

Product of the Year
by Soundstage

Accessory of the Year
by Stereophile

Best Buy
by The Abso!ute Sound

Cream of the Crop
by TAS

Golden Note Award
by The Academy

Editor's Choice
by Fi Magazine

Component of Merit
by Bound for Sound

Recommended Components
by Stereophile & The Abso!ute Sound

Five Stars
by What Hi Fi

Editor's Choice
by TAS

Sold in a set of 4