November 2023




An excellent review for the Advance Paris X-i75 appeared in WitchDoctor.

Read the review here - Advance Paris X-i75 Review



August 2023




Although MoFi Electronics is a relative newcomer to the loudspeaker market, the accomplished performance of its SourcePoint 8 speaks of great experience. the retro-infused styling of this standmount model belies the fact it’s a thoroughly modern design, employing the latest coaxial driver technology from noted engineer Andrew Jones, and carefully modelled to deliver a smoothly integrated, full-range performance. Paired with a capable amplifier, the SourcePoint 8 provides a confident, engaging listen suited to both small and medium-sized rooms, underpinned by weighty bass from its 200mm (8in) bass/ mid driver and topped by a lucid treble. This is a technically innovative speaker – and stylish to boot.


August 2023



It's almost here - The R1S, have a look at the unboxing video below.





June 2023


REL wins Absolute Sounds Editors Choiec award for the S/812

REL S/812 Product page


June 2023



Hello there REL fans, here is a really interesting video from John Hunter on why REL uses certain types of amplifiers in certain REL models.

If you are not one for watching a video, a written transcript is linked below.


Link to REL page with written transcript - here.





April 2023




Ruark Audio has released the R1S (RRP$749), this product sits along side the R1 but adds streaming service functionality.



R1S is more than just a radio, but more so a complete music system that’s small enough to fit easily into your home, but capable enough to provide day long entertainment.

With its tactile curves, exclusive Mid Grey finish and composite wood hand-crafted grille, R1S exudes fresh contemporary design.

With its SmartRadio tuner, R1S allows access to stations worldwide and with the rise of podcasts, R1S has a source dedicated to this growing format.

R1S directly supports Spotify Connect*, Amazon Music and Deezer and with its Bluetooth 5 receiver virtually every other service available.

R1S will have you listening and discovering just how good new generation radio can be.

*R1S will also support Spotify Hi-Fi when made available.




PrimaLuna has again been recognised for some outstanding products this year.

Check our their latest awards from Absolute Sound


Visit PrimaLuna's website here

There you can get the links to the reviews, more images and more details of these wonderful products.


November 2022


Ruark has won an WhatHifi 5 Star award - Congratulations!!

Read the review at WhatHifi here.






February 2022



The New Hybrid 300


Review here.