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Audio Control is a higher end Home Theatre and multi room audio brand.




AdvanceParis is a French company with a diverse range of electronic audio products.



An American brand of loudspeakers offering extremely good value for money and top quality.

Graham Engineering

This company supplies tone arms. All arms are made to order.



A range of isolating feet for all stereo and hifi components.



High end US manufacturer of stereo amplifiers and pre amplifiers.



A range of motorcycle clothing and accessories



US made flat panel speakers for hifi and hometheatre applications.




UK company manufacturing high end turntables.



A high quality turntable and phono stage company without the high pricetag.



US record cleaning machines and accessories.



Fantastic range of tube products from the Netherlands



A speaker manufacturer with beautiful real wood veneers and audiophile quality sound to match.



UK designed sub bass systems.



UK designed desktop radios and all in one hifi systems including options for CD and streaming.
US projector screens. All screens made to order with your specifications.



Audiophile level speaker and interconnect cables.
Entry level speaker and interconnect cables.
Top of the range German solid state hifi, home theatre and streaming electronics.
Vozz Motorcycle Helmets 
US made tube gear. Very high audio and build quality.