About Us


PQ stands for a Passion for Quality

PQ Imports is a small family owned company formed in1986 by Paul & Joy Quilter, to import specialist audio brands.

Brands are selected for Quality, Design, Style, and of course, musical reality. Michell turntables and ProAc speakers from the UK are world famous for quality engineering that stands the test of time, and were among the first brands that we imported. We are very proud that those relationships have endured till today. Stylish & innovative brands such as Multi-Award Winner Ruark, now world famous for their compact audio systems. T + A brings German engineeering quality and impeccable build to our line-up. We chose this brand due to their flawless attention to detail in design and construction. When so many makers are turning to making their products in "low cost" countries in Asia, we see a growing demand for high quality European designed & built equipment.  Our high-end hand built brands such as VTL valve and Jeff Rowland Design Group solid state amplifiers from ther USA reflect our passion for top quality. We offer not only the world’s best brands in two-channel stereo audio, but also some of the best and most well respected names in Home Theatre and Visual products, such as Screen Innovations Black Diamond projection screens. We thus represent a wide range of brands covering entry level right up to the most extreme of the esoteric. We have purpose built dedicated demonstration rooms for High End music systems, where you will find the latest Magneplanar loudspeakers paired with REL subwoofers driven by VTL amplification. In our separate Home Theatre room you'll find the incredibly powerful Cambridge Audio Home Theatre receivers driving GoldenEar loudspeakers which featuire in-built powered subwoofers. You can compare in-wall with floorstanding speakers to understand the differences. We have a room where compact office and desktop audio systems can be compared. The new Desktop Mini Maggie speaker system is on active demonstration. We have several rooms where the Award Winning Cambridge Network streamers are on permanent active demonstration, along with many of the innovative Cambridge Bluetooth portable speakers, Airplay speakers, and units with Spotify Connect. You can "app" control these via iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

We are happy to answer questions and give advice - just call or email.
Demonstrations are by appointment or by referral from your local dealer.

Above all else, we select and import brands that have a synergy with each other and produce a sum that is greater than the parts - incredibly lifelike and emotionally satisfying !
It is quite amazing what results we can achieve when components are properly matched with each other, no matter how tight the budget might be.

Our company employs staff who are equally passionate about quality & performance. They share our enthusiasm for the brands that we represent, and have a genuine desire to get the best results for our customers.

This passion for quality extends to the quality of service we give to our customers. PQ Imports aims to exceed customer expectations and support all the brands from our suppliers with exceptional service. We have even expanded our dealer network for some of these high end brands into Australia with great results.