September 2017


More great reviews in for the new Triton Reference speaker, this time from the British press HIFI+.


A few excerpts;


Chris was particularly taken with the bass (as is everyone I might add), remarking,


"Notice how the Triton Reference deliver the high-impact notes with enough raw power to shake the walls and windows of your listening room, yet with enough speed and delicacy..."




"Harmonically rich and complete...Up high the Triton Reference also offers excellent and extension, neatly rendering the high-frequency harmonics of treble instruments that seem to soar upwards beyond the range of hearing-floating delicately in the open air."


Chris then discovers something that was a major goal of our design team:


"The T Refs are exceptionally easy to drive, while providing superb resolution of low-level microdynamics along with an abundant amount of dynamic headroom. As a result, the speaker sounds effortlessly expressive and alive, whether playing loudly or softly or somewhere in between. Few speakers I have heard at any price convey such a vivid impression of freedom from dynamic constraints... The speaker lets you choose whatever material and playback level you wish, since in most rooms the speaker will prove to have more dynamic headroom than your ears do-even on loud rock or other power music."


Download the review from here.




August 2017



We have received a great review from New Zealand HiFi and Technology website Withchdoctor.


Witchdoctor Review


Dive on in, have a read about what he thinks, the type of music he tired and go and have a demo of one today!

Here are some excerpts.


"To be honest, however, had the PrimaLuna been any other valve amp, I’d never have made the jump. Valves might be old technology, but the clever tech PrimaLuna use bring it right up to date in a way that not many – if any – other valve amp manufacturers have done."


"Last but not least, the remote control. What a beast! Again, it’s so common to find valve amps with no remote, and this is one modern tool that I can’t live without. Not only is it a heavy metal monster, but it works beautifully. This is something that I can’t overstate, as I’ve cohabited with so many poorly designed remotes over the years."


"Most importantly, however, is the fact that once again I’m in love with music. Isn’t that what it’s all about?"




July 2017



Here is a very interesting video explaining some of what makes the Prima Luna HP amplifiers so special.




May 2017


HiFi plus have put up a good review of the Magnepan .7s.


"The sense of presence was exceptional. The scale of the backing orchestra was powerful yet properly controlled when placed in a supporting role for a single singer. I seized the opportunity to listen to the entire disc with this chain of excellent audio gear."







October 2016



Three Cambridge products revieved top awards from What Hifi recently.







September 2016

T+A Elektroakustik MP 2000 R Multi-Source Digital Player



Review from SoundStage! Hifi


"T+A Elektroakustik’s MP 2000 R is a fine example of what a top-flight, modern digital front end should look, feel, and sound like. Its build quality is excellent, with copious use of brushed aluminum, and its extensive feature set will keep it relevant for a long time to come."