October 2016



Three Cambridge products revieved top awards from What Hifi recently.







September 2016

T+A Elektroakustik MP 2000 R Multi-Source Digital Player



Review from SoundStage! Hifi


"T+A Elektroakustik’s MP 2000 R is a fine example of what a top-flight, modern digital front end should look, feel, and sound like. Its build quality is excellent, with copious use of brushed aluminum, and its extensive feature set will keep it relevant for a long time to come."











July 2016


Ruark unveils 30th anniversary edition of its iconic R1 design

Comming soon, limited numbers, place your order with your dealer now to secure yours.



To mark its 30th anniversary, luxury British family firm Ruark Audio has unveiled a limited edition of its most iconic design – the R1 tabletop radio – to celebrate three decades of rich audio heritage and exceptional craftsmanship.

A vibrant ‘Swiss Red’ soft lacquer finish means the new model – the R1-30 – is now more eye-catching than ever. The unit is subtly embellished with an intricate commemorative badge machined into the cabinet to celebrate the company’s 30 years of delivering class-leading sound and beautiful design.

The current R1 is the third generation of Ruark’s classic table radio, the product that started the company’s transition from manufacturing Hi-Fidelity loudspeakers to quality compact audio systems. At first glance each generation looks surprisingly similar – as with all great designs the company only subtly modifies the distinctive look of its products. Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you will discover that every model has been painstakingly and completely redesigned.

The soft red finish will sit alongside Ruark’s existing line-up of R1 models, comprising classic rich walnut, soft black and soft white. As with other R1s, the anniversary edition features a bespoke RotoDial control system and an OLED display, offering a control interface that is crystal clear and intuitive to use.

In addition to its elegant styling, the R1 boasts the very best in terms of technology, ensuring award-winning sound and performance each and every time. As well as DAB, DAB+ and FM transmission, the R1 includes a Bluetooth receiver to quickly and easily stream music wirelessly from a range of handheld devices, making it the perfect tabletop and bedside companion.

Bonus features include a comprehensive dual alarm and USB charge port. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the R1 out and about, the addition of Ruark’s optional CarryPack and BackPack transforms the R1 into the perfect portable partner.

Once described by Tatler as “simply the most beautiful radio in the world”, this anniversary edition of Ruark’s R1 cements its position as the best and most complete tabletop radio available.

Key features

• Class leading sound quality

• DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner

• Bluetooth receiver for wireless music streaming

• New intuitive Rotodial control system

• High contrast OLED display with large format clock

• USB charge port for charging smartphones etc

• Ten station presets for both DAB and FM

• Switchable auxiliary input for MP3 and other audio devices

• Adjustable treble and bass settings

• Loudness function for improved sound at low levels

• Stereo headphone output

• Easy-to-use comprehensive dual alarms

• New Soft Red finish with 30th anniversary plaque

• Dimensions: H170 x W130 x D135 mm

• Weight: 1.5kg




March 2016



Great news from Golden Ear, more excellent press for their fine speakers.

The following models have received the Editors Choice award from The Absolute Sound.




  • Triton One"The Triton One is an outstanding performer at anything like its price, and as affordable a path to the top echelons of high-end sound as AHC has encountered."
  • Triton Two+: Yes, our brand new Triton Two+ is already an Editors Choice!

"Together these elements give you a slender, full-range floorstander that sounds astonishingly refined, and offers robust dynamics and spectacular 3D imaging."

  • Triton Three"The Triton Three offers an incredible performance-to-price ratio, and are equally adept in a two-channel system, or a multi-channel setup" (and they raved about the Three+ when they heard them at CES).
  • Triton Five"The Triton Five is a remarkably low-distortion design that belts out Led Zeppelin, but also has the finesse to reproduce the most finely filigreed musical passages...the gregarious Gross has hit yet another one out of the park."
  • Triton Seven"It sounds like what it truly is--a serious, accomplished, and very refined mid-sized high-end loudspeaker...the Seven's sound is remarkably detailed, transparent, and dynamically expressive with unexpectedly deep and authoritative bass."
  • Aon 3"The result is a monitor that provides agile, detailed and nuanced mids and highs, while serving up bass that is unexpectedly full-bodied and matches the quality of the speaker's midrange and treble."




Februrary 2016


The Ruark R2MKIII has been given the HIFI Choice Recommened award.

Some excerpts below;

"Wireless is the real name of the game, though, with the almost laughable idea of an iPod dock happily sinking without trace to be supplanted by aptX-compatible Bluetooth. Ruark has eschewed AirPlay in favour of Bluetooth for streaming from a smartphone or tablet, with the added benefit of embracing non-Apple devices into the bargain. Wi-fi really opens things up with the inputs roster including DLNA audio streaming from networked storage devices and computers, while the convenience of a built-in Spotify Connect client allows you to control playback of a playlist."



"In terms of power, the R2 is never going to match a dedicated separates setup but as a lifestyle product that looks as stylish on your sideboard as it does on a table, it takes some beating especially considering its mastery of so many sources"


Full review available here.





December 2015




TVB2 Soundbar – 40 years of audio excellence makes TVs sound great again


True Hi-Fi quality sound reaches the soundbar market


London based audio specialists Cambridge have brought over 40 years of sound engineering expertise to the soundbar market for the first time with the launch of the new TVB2.

The development process for TVB2 has been exhaustive with hundreds of hours - over many months - of testing, listening and refining the design. The result is a premium product that is simple to use and subtly styled to blend with any modern décor while offering a true, refined and balanced hi-fi quality sound that allows the TVB2 to be classed as a genuine Cambridge Product.

As flat screen TVs have become thinner and thinner they no longer have space for good quality built-in speakers resulting in a thin, tinny, flat and lifeless sound. The Cambridge TVB2 is the perfect solution to this increasingly common problem and adds punch and impact to movies, clarity to dialogue and fidelity to music, delivering a perfectly balanced, realistic and musical sound.

Despite its discrete footprint, the TVB2 offers a wide, room filling and detailed sound thanks to the use of two 4th generation patented BMR speaker drivers – also used in the company’s award-winning, flagship £1000 Aeromax 6 speakers. With 120W of class D amplification, the BMR drivers deliver mid and high frequencies with a wide dispersion not usually possible from such a small speaker, whilst the bass is handled expertly by the 10cm separate, wireless subwoofer.

The result makes for a larger “sweet spot”; allowing listeners to sit anywhere in the room and  the TVB2 will always sound great.


November 2015


HardWired is a new range of entry level cables brought to you by the World Famous Transparent Audio design team.

Transparent Audio cables are famous for their attention to detail and their “Cost No Object” cables.

With the Hard Wired range their design team had the challenge to make cables that offered the benefits associated with the more expensive cables, but at prices that were “Real World” and affordable to the music loving majority.

HardWired cables are designed in the USA, and are assembled in Taiwan. They use high quality materials and design principles that have been developed, refined and perfected over decades in much more expensive models.

The partners that Transparent Audio uses to manufacture their entry level cables are trusted, long time suppliers of components used in the more expensive models.

The usual Transparent Audio attention to detail is apparent and the value for money is outstanding.

HardWired – a new Reference at the affordable end of the cable spectrum.