HardWired Power cable

 Part No.  HW3CPC
 Description  HardWired Power cable
 Brand  Transparen
 RRP  $299 Ea
 Product Notes  

*pictured with us power plug, NZ version has NZ plug.


Get more than connected — get hardwired!

In today's fast-moving, high-tech world, you need connections that deliver performance and reliability, not just convenience. hardwired by Transparent provides high-quality, audio and video connections designed to link your digital media with your home entertainment system. Perfect Power 3-Conductor Power Cords are the ideal connection to deliver safe, stable current to your audio components.

  • Large pure copper conductors transfer more current
  • Precision wound conductors reduce noise
  • Pressure extruded jacket dampens out resonance
  • Firmly fitting plugs with a solid ground connection reduce noise and increase power transfer