VTL Siegfried II Monoblocks - Black

 Part No.  Siegfried II/B
 Description  VTL Siegfried II Monoblocks - Black
 Brand  VTL
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 Product Notes Siegfried
These superbly built amplifiers offer such effortless power (800 watts into 4 ohms) that they will drive even the most difficult loudspeakers with ease.
They can be run in Tetrode or Triode mode. Sophisticated computer controlled tube management ensures that the operating conditions of the tubes are kept within tight tolerances. This extends tube life and improves sonic accuracy that would normally degrade as the tubes age.
Choice of KT88 or 6550C output tubes.
These are a fully balanced design and feature user adjustable loudspeaker Damping Factor adjustment for the ultimate in loudspeaker / amplifier load matching.
An audition is all that it takes to realise the benefits of huge amounts of Pure Tube power !

One reviewer, writing for Stereophile Magazine, said:
I noted an absolutely intoxicating sound, effortless, smooth, captivating, and inviting, with outstanding scale, impact, and grace.
The quietest passages of music exhibited the same delicate, confident strength as the loudest passages.

The only criticism I could offer is that the price of this beauty is far beyond my means, but that would be silly.
I think the price is justified by the performance. I’ll never be able to afford a system like this, but I’m glad I was able to hear it at the RMAF.

Feature Summary

Fully logic-controlled automatic tube biasing: Re-biases between music passages, to keep tubes in optimal operating condition
Smart fault-sensing: Alerts user to all faults, with automatic shutdown and front panel fault display
User diagnostics: For information on tubes and operating parameters, with tube change time reminder, automated fuse testing, line voltage display
Precision regulated power supplies: For consistently musical performance and deep bass
Balanced input stage: For dynamic sound and superior noise rejection
Extended tube life: Logic-controlled soft-start sequence and optimized operating conditions
Tetrode/Triode and Phase: Automated switchover with circuit protection
Fully remote controllable and RS-232 Interface: For integration with centrally controlled systems