VTL MB125 monoblocks Black - new face

 Part No.  MB125/B
 Description  VTL MB125 monoblocks Black - new face
 Brand  VTL
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 Product Notes Years of refinement have produced an amplifier of unparalleled clarity and music at its price. These space efficient monoblocks, sold in single monoblocks or in pairs, are an excellent choice for the two-channel as well as home theater systems. Easily drives all but the most inefficient loudspeakers. One listen, and you'll understand why this is the most favorably reviewed amplifier ever made.

• Over 125 watts per channel or 60 watts in triode mode.

One reviewer said:
Tamara L. Baker, Issue 112, March 1998, The Absolute Sound.

"... if you are an entry-level audiophile looking to go to the next level, but are not ready to leap for the extreme upper reaches of High End tubes, the MB-125 monoblocks and TL2.5 line stage may be your stepping stone. Hear them."...

Feature List:

• High energy storage power supply > 200 Joules

• VTL proprietary output transformer

• 3000 hours rated tube life

• Individual bias setting for each tube

• Optimum load range 2 – 8 ohms

• User switchable tetrode/triode mode