Proac Response K8 - Burr Oak

 Part No.  K8/BO
 Description  Proac Response K8 - Burr Oak
 Brand  Proac
 RRP  $56999
 Product Notes  

Image not burr oak.


The ProAc K6 is one of our most successful designs and the plans to make a larger K8 have finally come to fruition.

The K8 uses a larger 8 inch bass driver than the K6, the cone is made from Kevlar weave material, then polished and concentrically weighted.

With a new wider cabinet, the midrange horn could now be redesigned. Stewart Tyler decided to make a very shallow midrange horn from billet aluminium. The midrange horn being very shallow gives excellent dispersion this widens the sound stage and reveals details right down to the finest brushed cymbal.

The ProAc ribbon tweeter is also used as it is in most of ProAc's high end speakers. The tweeters are wonderfully natural and fine detail is produced even at high levels with comfort.

The 8 inch Kevlar bass drivers are made in house these bass drivers are ported through a curved tude in the base of the loudspeaker.

On extensive listening tests it was noticed that the K8 had a wonderfully wide sound stage and image, mainly down to our new shallow horn. Also new was the crossover and a new board was designed with heavy tracking and only audio file components along with studio quality inductors.

The K8 is designed for those wishing to have a speaker from the top of the tree in terms of sound and build quality, this new design has produced a very large sound stage and along with clean and extended bass response and finished with our ribbon tweeter, I'm sure you will agree that their sounds are perfectly natural.


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