Cala CDR CD/Receiver/Streamer

 Part No.  Cala CDR
 Description  Cala CDR CD/Receiver/Streamer
 Brand  T + A
 Product Notes  

CALA CDR - Streaming CD Receiver

The CALA® CDR has a high-quality CD drive, powerful output stages and a high-performance power supply. More than 100 watts of continuous power are available per channel and also allow the operation of large speakers. The housing is very compact and the base of the CALA® CDR can be illuminated if desired, as we have integrated an LED light strip into the rear part of the unit’s back panel. Various color modes and the colors white, blue, green and red are available for ambient lighting and their intensity can be controlled.

The machine’s high-performance digital signal processor makes it simple and convenient to set it up to suit individual system configurations. For example, it is possible to switch off inputs which are not required, and the sensitivity of one analogue input can be switched to act as a phono MM and High output MC preamplifier. For operation in a surround system the device features a Surround-Pass-Through Mode.
A further feature is a range of sound fields designed to achieve optimum sound quality under a variety of conditions and positions, catering also for relatively small loudspeakers. A bass management system regulates all settings if a subwoofer / satellite system is employed.

For specifications visit the T+A web page here.

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