Transparent Plus RCA to RCA cable 1.5m Pair

 Part No.  PSE1.5
 Description  Transparent Plus RCA to RCA cable 1.5m Pair
 RRP  $869 Pr
 Product Notes  

Plus RCA Interconnect

Plus RCA Interconnects transfer more low frequency energy than Transparent's MusicLink and The Link RCA interconnects due to heavier solid OFHC conductors and more substantial gold plated connectors and more effective network design. With networks more tightly calibrated to the specific length and characteristics of the cable, Plus RCA Interconnects have better noise rejection and more efficient signal transfer. With superior low level information retrieval and greater dynamic range and low frequency impact compared to entry level interconnects, Plus is an ideal choice. 

Plus RCA Interconnects are upgradeable to Super level interconnects and above.