Transparent Reference Phono RCA to RCA .75m

 Part No.  MLRP/.75m
 Description  Transparent Reference Phono RCA to RCA .75m
 RRP  $4,299 pair
 Image Image
 Product Notes Listening to records reaches a new level of enjoyment with MusicLink Phono Interconnect.
It possesses the same build quality and freedom from noise as MusicLink Plus RCA Interconnects, but Transparent has optimized the network for LP playback.
Transparent customizes all phono interconnects to suit each specific system set up with either RCA or XLR connections.
Transparent also makes an ideal DIN adaptor with either RCA or XLR terminations custom fabricated to precise tonearm, turntable suspension, and phono preamp requirements.

Length - .75m
Other lengths available to custom order