ProAc Studio Centre Channel - Black Ash

 Part No.  STCC/B
 Description  ProAc Studio Centre Channel - Black Ash
 Brand  Proac
 RRP  $1,399 each
 Product Notes For over a decade, the ProAc Response CC1 has been a firm favourite for use in all makes of home cinema systems. During the design of the CC1, great care was taken in matching crossover frequencies and balance, not only for ProAc loudspeakers, but also for compatibility with other manufacturers' products.

With the advent of higher dynamics, bandwidth and speech emanating from the centre, we decided to design a new centre channel which would effectively reproduce this extra information. The new Studio Centre Channel has taken two years to perfect. The cabinet is marginally bigger than the CC1 with two new bass drivers and is front ported as opposed to the rear ported design of the CC1. This allows for improved matching and placement, making the Studio Centre Channel a perfect match for the entire ProAc range. Careful crossover design has also meant that it is highly suitable for use with other makes of home cinema speakers, bringing an open and natural quality to centre channel reproduction.

The Studio Centre makes an obvious partner for the Studio 110/130/140 models. A 5 inch version of the 61/2 inch bass driver used in the Studio range was designed using a special coated pulp cone and partnered with a new version of the Studio range tweeter, incorporating a shielded magnet system which will prevent interference with CRT monitors.

Great emphasis was placed in the design process to produce a natural, open midrange with extra bandwidth for the music and sound effects reproduced by the centre channel. Efficiency and sensitivity have been improved over its predecessor and there is also greater bass extension and power.

In summary, the ProAc Studio Centre Channel is a perfect match for our Studio and Response ranges or any good quality system where an excellent, compact centre channel is required.

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Recommended Amp: 10 - 150 watt
Frequency Response: 35hz - 30Khz
Sensitivity: 90dB
Bass/Midrange: Shielded 5" (130mm) ProAc unit with special coated pulp cone.
Tweeter: Shielded 1" (25mm) soft silk dome with special inner damping
Dimensions: 197mm x 439mm x 204mm
Weight: 9kg
Mode: Horizontal on shelf/stand

Also available in other finishes by Special Order - enquire for pricing

*note: Speaker finish shown is not black.



Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Recommended Amplifiers
10 to 150 watts
Frequency Response
35hz to 30Khz
89db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
Shielded 5" (130mm) ProAc unit with special coated pulp cone.
Shielded 1" (25mm) soft silk dome with special inner damping.
HQC network with studio range matched slopes using the finest components, wired with multistrand oxygen free cable, split for bi-wiring/amping
7 3/4" (197mm) high, 17 1/4" (439mm) wide, 8" (204mm) deep
20lbs (9kgs)
Horizontal on television/shelf/stand
Acoustically transparent crimplene
Standard Finishes:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple.
Premium Finishes:
Rosewood, Ebony.

*Premium Finishes to order at extra cost*