VTL Integrated Amp - new face - Silver

 Part No.  IT85/S
 Description  VTL Integrated Amp - new face - Silver
 Brand  VTL
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 Product Notes The VTL IT-85 Integrated Amplifier is designed for those who seek the simplicity of a single chassis system, but with the performance of separates. Designed with a fully active preamplifier stage, the IT-85 delivers a hearty 60 watts per channel with the sonic characteristic that is similar to our well regarded ST-85 Stereo amplifier and the TL2.5 preamplifier combination - fast, musical 3-D sound, and solid bass support that VTL is known for.

The IT-85 is designed to accommodate future upgrade -- when you are ready to add a subwoofer, separate pre- or power amplifier, surround processor or headphones to your system, the IT-85's many different output stage configurations can be easily and painlessly re-configured, often with just the flip of a switch.

Hand built in California with the proven VTL quality, the IT-85 will give you lasting value and listening pleasure for years to come

The Absolute Sound said this when they awarded the Editors Choice Award to the IT 85 in 2011:

The VTL IT-85 bathes music in a warm, golden glow that’s hard to resist. While it is not the most powerful integrated amplifier, the IT-85 provides a large soundstage and effortless mids and highs. No other integrated in its price range comes close to offering as musical and pure a sound.
JHb, Issue 168

Feature List:

• High power, capable of driving a wide range of loudspeakers.

• Remote controlled volume and mute with custom remote wand, automatic mute on power up and down.

• All-tube full preamp line stage, with buffered pre-out and regulated B+.

• Amplifier-driven headphone output, front panel selector switch (pre out mutes on headphone insertion).

• No-load automatic shutdown in headphone circuit.

• Front panel selectable direct amp in / processor loop input.

• Built-in upgrade path for precisely gain-matched horizontal biamping with VTL ST-85.

• Extruded machined aluminum front panel in silver (standard) or black, and protective cage.

• High quality VTL ST-85 power supply components and output and power transformers.

• Easily accessible individual output tube bias measurement and adjustment points on top deck.

• Angled-back chassis for easy access of inputs and outputs, sturdy quality structural fit and finish.

• Detachable IEC power cord, high quality gold-plated VTL custom binding posts and RCA jacks.

• Optional separate MC/MM phono stage available.