Two way RF remote control

 Part No.  FD100
 Description  Two way RF remote control
 Brand  T + A
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Complex AV devices and whole Hi-Fi systems make considerable demands on the system designed to operate them, and in recent years the requirements have changed greatly - in particular with the advent of integrated streaming client components. For this reason we have fitted large, clearly legible screens to all our more recent machines, as this makes it very convenient to operate the unit directly from the front panel. However, such screens cannot be read easily from a distance, and this makes it difficult to carry out tasks such as leafing through lists and selecting tracks remotely. We have now developed the perfect solution to this problem in the form of a bi-directional radio remote control system. The handset sends your remote control commands to the device even where there is no direct line-of-sight connection, and receives back all the relevant information from the machine - also by radio. In practice the FD100 can be considered to be a mobile version of the machine’s integral screen, showing the system’s screen content as well as the Cover Art on its high-definition TFT display.
The user is therefore completely independent of the location of the system: he or she can operate it conveniently from the listening position, and can view all the essential information displayed clearly on the FD100’s screen. This solution is far superior to any APP used on an iPhone or similar device, since it shows all the information for the whole system, and all sources connected to a device - such as the tuner or CD player - in addition to displaying the content when using the streaming client. The direct radio link also eliminates delays and long waiting times, as are commonly experienced with WLAN-based concepts.
The FD100 is made from high-quality materials, rests in a heavy, solid aluminium charging station, and has an effective range of at least 15 m. A movement sensor switches it on immediately, and its buttons are automatically illuminated in accordance with the available natural light.A device known as a Gateway is required for translating the FD100’s radio commands into the system bus data used by the various T+A machines; the type of gateway required varies: in the case of the latest units - such as the K8 BluRay surround receiver or the E-series MUSIC RECEIVER - it takes the form of an integral circuit board (GW E), which can be installed very easily. For earlier machines, such as the K2, E-series MKI and MKII and - especially - the R-series, a separate gateway (GW S) is required, housed in its own, compact case, with a mains PSU. The two gateways run different software versions to suit the various machine types. The first system to be introduced is the FD100 and the external gateway for the K2, to be followed by the internal gateway for the K8 and the MUSIC RECEIVER. These products will be followed by the external gateway software for the E-series, and finally - because it is the most complex to program - the version for the R system, although the earlier receivers, tuners and CD players are not capable of feeding back information.