Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support

 Part No.  RA-LAS
 Description  Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support
 Brand  Ruark
 RRP  $5.00
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 Product Notes The introduction of the latest iPod, iPhone and iPad models with Apple’s new style Lightning connector we know has caused some anxiety with customers concerned about future compatibility.

To rectify this we’ve developed an effective Lightning Adaptor Support (LAS) which integrates with Apple’s own Lightning to 30-pin adaptor and the iPod dock on our R2i and R4i models, allowing these new Apple products to function in exactly the same way as earlier iPod/iPhone models with the original connector. The beauty of this simple conversion is that iPod/iPhone models old and new can be used alongside each other and with millions of iDevices already in use; we feel that such flexibility will be important to many customers for some time to come. Our support will also work with many other products that also feature Apple's Universal Dock .

Apples Lightning to 30-pin adaptor is available directly from Apple and through many Apple retailers.