Magnepan MG20.7 planar/ribbon spkrs - Alloy / Blk

 Part No.  MG20.7/A
 Description  Magnepan MG20.7 planar/ribbon spkrs - Alloy / Blk
 Brand  Magnepan
 RRP  $32,999 pair
 Product Notes  

Trim options- (Wood) Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry. (Aluminum) Silver or black. Prices vary depending upon trim and fabric combinations.


"The listeners for whom the 20.7s are ideal for whom Magneplanars have always been ideal are absolute sound types. This Maggies magical ability to transport you to a different space and time and to there realistically recreate (with lifelike scope and size) the sound of actual acoustic instruments is extraordinary and, of course, the very definition of the absolute sound. Indeed, the 20.7s come as close to achieving Harry Pearsons goal of reproducing the sound of real instruments in real space as any speaker I’ve heard. I love ’em, but then I’ve loved and owned more Magneplanar speakers than those from any other manufacturer. If the sound absolute is what you crave (and you can live with the 20.7s sundry demands and peculiarities), Magnepans new flagships earn my highest and warmest recommendation. It almost goes without saying (since these are Maggies), but the 20.7s are also incredibly good values. Now hie thee forth and give them a long listen, and see if you don’t fall in love with them too."

They also won the Award for Upper-End Planar in the Floorstanding section for the 20.7.
They said:

“Because so many products are system and room dependent, and because so many older products are still so good, reviewer Don Saltzman is normally reluctant to claim that something new is the “best” of its kind. Nevertheless, after living with Magnepans latest flagships, the 20.7’s for several months, he had no choice but to report that, in his opinion, these large ribbon / quasi-ribbon floorstanders do indeed set new sonic standards for a planar transducer. Not only does Maggies larger single panel dipole achieve the best blend between its true ribbon tweeter (which has always stuck out a bit in previous Maggies) and its quasi-ribbon midrange and woofer – making the blend of drivers unusually seamless, and further contributing to the boxless Maggies remarkable disappearing act – but the 20.7s also manage to excel at two things that other Maggies have historically not done well (or at all): Large-scale dynamics and bass. Maggies have always been exceptionally realistic in tonal balance and superb on low-level textures, particularly in the midrange, but they have also, in the past, been limited in slam and dynamic range. Not so the 20.7’s, which have quite lifelike bass-range power and extension, and shockingly good dynamics. You’ll need power to drive them and plenty of room to house them, but at their best the 20.7’s are fully competitive with some of the most expensive loudspeakers on the planet, for a fraction of the cost.”


Description                                            3-Way /True Ribbon Tweeter - Quasi-Ribbon Midrange and Bass
Freq. Resp.                                            25-40 kHz
Sensitivity                                              86dB/500Hz /2.83v
Impedance                                             4 Ohm
Dimensions                                            29 x 79x 2.062 (inches) WxHxD